Let’s Go ! (Demo Video)

This is a video demonstration of an interactive presentation called Let’s Go, an example of the educational materials that I created while working in the JET Programme. Let’s Go was designed to help elementary school teachers in Japan to introduce their students to a new foreign country and culture each week. I recommend that the interactive presentation be projected onto a large screen in a darkened room, and the students sit behind the teacher, and everyone pretends to be riding in a spaceship that can travel to different parts of the globe. The teacher can choose one student to be the navigator, and he or she gets to choose where to go, and what to see or hear or say at the destination. The teacher can choose 3 or 4 students during a class period, each student choosing a different destination. Of course, there are many opportunities for practicing English, starting with a chant of “Let’s Go!” at the beginning of each English activities session, and followed by the first navigator saying “Let’s Go to…”. It’s a great way to start or end an elementary school English class.

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