Technology Work

Good websites play an important role in the design of blended (hybrid) learning programs, and this is especially true for second language learning. As an undergraduate, I studied art and graphic design, and I have subsequently acquired additional skills and knowledge for web design. I have mastered HTML coding, various Adobe software programs, various Apple software programs, WordPress, and other skills that are necessary for creating websites that work well and provide numerous affordances for the learning and teaching of foreign languages and cultures. Furthermore, I am able to create digital resources for tablet computers and smart phones, and I am able to create interactive and multimedia materials, including advanced presentation materials.

As technology specialist for the Hawaii English Language Program,
I played a significant role (about 70% of the work)
in the redesign and construction of the program’s new website:

HELP Webstie Image

I served as webmaster for the program from 2012 to 2014. I also managed the other technological resources of the program, both hardware and software, including a computer lab with self access resources. I also conducted teacher training and student training sessions, giving workshops about the use of technologies for second language learning and teaching.

L2T Website

I am editor and web designer for L2T,
a forthcoming online publication for learners and teachers of second languages.
Also, I have authored several articles and created many instructional materials for L2T.

ER Hyperglossing

Hyperglossing for Extensive Reading

I designed and created a working hyperglossing system for digital extensive reading texts for iPad.
I am now studying the potential benefits of this type of hyperglossing for extensive reading.

SLS CALL Website image

I created a website for a CALL workshop in the spring of 2014.

Let's Go Image

Let’s Go (Demo Video)

I created this interactive instructional material during my time in Japan.

UHM Presentation Image

View a Demo Video Here

As part of my Graduate Assistantship at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa,
I created an interactive, multimedia promotional presentation for the university.