Tokyo International University

In April of 2015, I began working for the Global Teaching Institute (GTI) of Tokyo International University (TIU). I mainly teach English as a second language for the School of Language and Communication (SLC), but I also teach for the university’s E-Track program. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I also lead special workshops, conversation sessions, and academic tutoring in the English Plaza, a unique environment for immersion in the English language.  

In April of 2017, I became the Specialist in Technologies for Second Language Programs at Tokyo International University. In this role, I help lead the university’s efforts in building blended learning environments for students of second languages, and I help to create and manage the technological resources for the GTI and other programs, including the GTI Website, the GTI Handbook, and other hardware and software. I help the GTI and other language programs to find creative technological solutions for educational and administrative challenges, I design new technological resources to promote a more engaging practice of second languages at the university, and I build new technological tools to help reduce administrative burdens on the faculty. Though my responsibilities have increased significantly, I continue to teach a full load of classes for the GTI.

Please click on the links below to view syllabi, schedules, and course materials

Courses Taught at TIU:

2017: September – January

2017: April – July

2016: September – January

2016: April – July

2015: September – January

2015:  April – July

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